12 days of christmas writing activities

Our kids love anything involving dry erase markers! Try this activity with your… To make this free I Spy printable into a busy bag we printed one copy of the I Spy page for each of our kids. Thanks to Cindy we now have these I Spy cards all ready to be printed and cut apart.

12 days of christmas writing activities

Celebrate Christmas around the globe with a "world" of Christmas activities! If you could give any gift to the people of the world, what would that gift be?

12 days of christmas writing activities

Draw a picture of your gift and write a sentence to explain what your gift is and why you chose it. Hang a world map in the center of a bulletin board. Invite each student to write on a card the expression "Merry Christmas" in a different language.

Or try this alternate source. Attach yarn to each card. Invite students to post the cards around the map on the bulletin and to extend each strand of yarn from a "Merry Christmas" card to the appropriate country.

Provide table reading practice using one of two Teaching Masters provided. The TMs provide tables showing the ten most popular holiday greeting cards mailed in the United States.

Answer key for primary TM: Answer key for upper grade TM: Accept reasoned responses probably not as many as are mailed at Christmas, but more than are mailed at Easter. Giving of themselves is a great gift idea.

Create a simple "coupon" or "gift certificate" form that children can fill in and give as a gift. The form should provide spaces labeled TO: Students might want to brainstorm gift ideas ie.

12 days of christmas writing activities

Create a "job jar" by decorating a large jar and putting inside it small folded slips of paper with odd jobs written on each.

A few blank slips might be included so parents can write on them a preferred "job" for the student to do. Use one of the recipes from Christmas Recipes.

The REAL 12 Days of Christmas

If you teach older students, challenge them to list the ingredients required to make 10 dozen snowball cookies, enough spiced cider to serve 30 people, or large quantities of other recipes.

These Web sites offer many recipes, so you could pair off students and give each pair a different recipe to double. If you can, prepare one of the recipes. Ask students to pretend they have pen pals in foreign countries. Their pen pals celebrate Christmas or other holidays in a way very different than they might do.

Invite students to write letters to their pen pals to explain how their families celebrate the holidays. Invite students brainstorm different symbols of Christmas or other December holiday celebrations. Christmas symbols, for example, might include the Christmas card, the star, mistletoe, the poinsettia, holly, the Christmas tree, and Christmas carols.

Also students might research the different faces of Santa Claus, including St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Santa Claus.

Students might use as their research starting point some of the "Other Places to Go for a Multicultural View of Christmas" that are listed above. More Christmas fun on the Internet.Nov 12,  · •a reading and writing activity •a differentiated math activity To prepare for each of the 12 days of Christmas lessons, you will need some type of container to store each day’s materials.

We purchased 12 gift bags from our local dollar store. Christmas tree in Japan. Christmas is celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians around the world. Today we’re sharing links to some of our favorite dry erase busy bag ideas. Our kids love anything involving dry erase markers!I’ve enjoyed finding new dry erase activities to .

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Whether decorating cookies or our houses, we all get a little more creative during the holidays. The traditional symbols of the season remind us of God’s gifts, and many of them make easy kids Christmas crafts for your Sunday school class.

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