Diary entries of napoleon bonaparte essay

France had experienced a time of great turmoil for years on end and though they hoped for their liberal ideas to be expressed the endless mayhem had become monotonous and undesirable. Though his political attitude was far from what France had been fighting for, putting him in power was ideal as he brought to the French a sense of security and well-being for France.

Diary entries of napoleon bonaparte essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. I have become the new strong leader of France.

Diary entries of napoleon bonaparte essay

Thanks to the Revolution, I advanced from the position of lieutenant in the artillery to a full-fledged general, which changed my life entirely and gave me a world full of power. Yes, I know people do not like dictatorship and a complete ruler over the whole, but I am going to be a dictator with the utmost power.

But I am not that foolish to be so obvious. I will hold a referendum in which all French men can vote to either approve or disapprove of my new regime. I am sure almost all would accept my power since, who with brains would really go against such a man as me already treated a hero by the majority?

They dare not… January 7, Dear Diary, Everything seems to be going perfectly well. It is my world! As I have expected, people accepted my regime, and it was by a vote of three million to As First Consul, I hold the real power and therefore I can crush anyone who goes against my will and my thoughts.

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Even though I act as a total dictator who limits free speech and severely censors the press, most people tend to like me. They do not have political liberty or representative government, but they still think highly of me and pay respect. It is all due to my cleverness. Of-course these people honor me!

I have offered them order, stability, efficiency and on top of all that, military victory, whereas, before I ruled, all they had was chaos, defeat, and disorder! They should thank me, and I have the right to dictate these poor soles who do need a ruler to rule them all and give them peace and order.

March 16, Dear Diary, I have been crowned the emperor of France! My popularity gave me the ability to change the form of government in France. People approved this change in the national referendum once again, and I am going to improve their lives.

The tax system would be reformed, and there would be equality among all human beings. My Code Napoleon is the modernization of French law, which explains the principle of equality of all citizens before the law.

As with the problem with religion, now I declare that all people have their right to choose their religion and what they believe, freedom of religion.Akeem Mundy History Professor Roessner Raft Paper Napoleon Journal Entry May 3rd, As another day passes here on the island of St.

Helena, after. Below is an essay on "Napoleon Journal" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Napoleon Bonaparte; Journal;. Memoirs Illustrating the History of Napoleon I from to - Vol. 2 By Claude-François de Méneval; Napoleon Joseph de Méneval D.

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I announced that this would be the last Sunday meeting and that they are a waste of time. In future, all questions that relate to the working of the farm will be answered by a committee of pigs selected by yours truly.

There would be no more debates.

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Napoleon’s Diary Destruction of the windmill have claimed all credit for the windmill idea. Napoleon Bonaparte This Essay Napoleon Bonaparte and other 64,+ term papers, Napoleon was as unsuccessful emperor, visible through the stagnant political state of France at the end of his rule.

As he stated in an excerpt from his own diary "In warfare every opportunity must be seized; for fortune is like a woman; if you miss her. Diary Entries of Napoleon Bonaparte November 25, Dear Diary, I, Napoleon Bonaparte, have finally succeeded!

I have become the new strong leader of France. Thanks to the Revolution, I advanced from the position of lieutenant in the artillery to a full-fledged general, which changed my life entirely and gave me a world full of power. Nov 04,  · History Essay Napoleon Very few leaders have had both the luck and the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He came to power, mainly, because of the chaos of the French Revolution, and because he was able to manipulate the right people.

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