How to write a cover letter for counseling

I am a mental health professional with over twelve years of experience working with adolescents in various settings. In my current position as Mental Health Counselor with Starlight Group Homes I provide individual as well as group counseling to adolescent males between the ages of 12 and I am well versed in several counseling techniques and have a compassionate approachable demeanor.

How to write a cover letter for counseling

In addition to my Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Professional Counseling, I have five years of experience working as a school counselor. I am dedicated to cultivating supportive, stimulating, and inclusive environments that allow high school students to reach their fullest potential.

Throughout my previous school counselor positions, I provided individual and group counseling sessions to students ages regarding career development, academic achievement, social behavior, and mental and physical health.

I gained experience working with students with disabilities, as well as providing crisis counseling to students who have recently experienced a trauma.

I successfully implemented programs to increase graduation rates as well as college application rates. I pride myself on my ability to strengthen relationships and decrease conflicts between peers through the introduction of anti-bullying, peer mentoring, and conflict resolution initiatives.

Some notable contributions from my previous school counselor position include: Your role is to provide guidance and support to youth overcoming obstacles — not to churn out numbers to impress anyone.

The ages of students: The counseling you provide will vary greatly based on the age of the students. Include ages to let the hiring manager know if the majority of your experience has been working with six-year-olds or sixteen-year-olds.

State the number of students that attended the schools you worked at. Furthermore, include how many students you worked with on a regular basis or in special circumstances: Have you introduced programs, initiatives, conferences, or training courses, to students?

If so, there were undoubtedly positive, measurable results that can be included on your cover letter. Check out our impressive cover letter design library to find the perfect fit for you! Instead of following stringent cover letter guidelines, use this as an opportunity to showcase your dedication and commitment to helping youth.

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Your genuine enthusiasm and charisma will have the hiring manager jumping out of their seat to call you in for an interview. So, take a minute and ruminate on what inspired you to begin your career as a school counselor. If you are having a hard time generating ideas, read through the questions below to get the wheels turning: What impact have you made in the lives of the students you have worked with?

Are you a strong advocate for underprivileged youth? Where are the students you have worked with now? Have you provided crisis counseling to students after a tragedy? What counseling techniques do you use on a daily basis?

The answers to these questions demonstrate your unique, personal counseling brand. Showcasing this information in your cover letter will differentiate you from the overflowing cover letter pile.

Excellent — now that you have got the creative juices flowing, take it to your cover letter like this candidate did: Use the job description for inspiration The job description is your greatest resource for writing an outstanding cover letter.

It is littered with keywords and phrases that the hiring manager is looking for the new school counselor at their institution to possess. Now, your job is to filter out these important snippets and integrate them into your cover letter.

We suggest creating a checklist of the keywords and phrases you have identified as critical for you to reference while writing your cover letter. Every time you strategically sprinkle in a keyword, you can satisfyingly check another one off of your list.

No problem, we have a guide that covers how to beat and application tracking system just for you! Close your cover letter with a call to action Great work — you have a cover letter that illuminates your passion and is peppered with quantified acomplishments and keywords. All that is left is to do is tie it all together with a strong conclusion.

The final paragraph of your cover letter should always accomplish two important objectives: Thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration Politely request an interview For instance, this candidate has finished their resume with a call-to-action for the hiring manager:School Counselor Cover Letter School Counselors are employed by both public and private schools and play a vital role in the education team.

In the last years, their role has expanded from basic duties like handing out college applications to more complex ones such as individual student planning. When you apply for a job, you may be required to submit a cover letter with your resume.

Even if it isn't required, it's typically a good idea to write one when you're applying for cover letter should highlight the points on your resume that make you a superior candidate for the position you are seeking. It should not simply recap your resume, but rather point out details and expand.

I would love to bring my success and dedication to the clients of New Parkland Community Services as a Mental Health Therapist. I have no doubt you will find me to be a good fit for your needs and an excellent Mental Health Therapist candidate.

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how to write a cover letter for counseling

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how to write a cover letter for counseling

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