Integration of religion and spirituality in therapy essay

Inconscient Lines, streams, or intelligences[ edit ] According to Wilber, various domains or lines of development, or intelligences can be discerned. For example, one can be highly developed cognitively cerebrally smart without being highly developed morally as in the case of Nazi doctors.

Integration of religion and spirituality in therapy essay

It is essential, therefore, that I am aware of theoretical maps of psycho-spiritual development, or what people call transpersonal, to help guide my long-term client work. Theory can often be considered a poor relation to practicing from a felt sense stance, especially from a yogi inspired perspective that tracks somatic energies in the client.

Such an approach can arrive at unconscious material by bypassing the cognitive aspects of being. However, I believe that it is still crucially important that strong and robust theoretical knowledge should underpin the experiential practitioner as otherwise we would have no need to train in extensive training programmes.

Instead, we could just sit on the yoga mat and just be. Psychotherapy integration can be defined as an approach that includes a variety of attempts to look beyond the confines of single-school approach in order to see what can be learned from other perspectives Messer, I concur with the pluralists, such as Cooper and McCleodwhen they state that therapy should be based on what the client needs, rather than getting them to comply with standardised treatments.

It could be argued there is a strong transpersonal flavour to psychodynamic counselling. To say these psychodynamic therapists are not engaging in heart to heart communication with their patients might be unfair to them.

Integrating Spirituality and Religion into Psychotherapy

What is safe to say is that classic Freudian theory had no room for spirituality and religion, when Freud could be viewed as a quasi Marxist in his pursuit of scientific objectivity and in his disdain as organised religion for the opiate of the masses.

Furthermore, I would argue that being neutral should not preclude an empathic, authentic and warm attitude.

Integration of religion and spirituality in therapy essay

I would also argue that in the free floating attention required of the analyst in long term analysis, when the analyst engages in deep unconscious to unconscious relationship with the patient, there is a deep spiritual connection in the room. Analysts often refer to this process as akin to listening to classical music as they let go of preconceived ideas and theories about their patients Jacobs, and enter a deep unconscious state.

Indeed, neo Freudian Michael Eigen could be viewed as exploring similar ground to the transpersonal school following his writings on mysticism. Whilst I would not call Eigen a transpersonal therapist, his analytical writings, nevertheless, demonstrate a degree of symmetry with transpersonal material when working with the unconscious and in using symbols in the consulting room.


He embraced Buddhist teachings with his psychoanalytical approach. This model is useful in offering a framework around which to organise my work with clients based on the primacy of relationship. I may apply the most appropriate technique depending on the needs of the client. For Clarkson, there are five ways in which the therapist and client relate:However, discussion of religion and spirituality in therapy, even to this extent, is still controversial, and many people believe the inclusion of religiously guided treatments may bring about.

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A rising young author in the integration of psychology and the Christian faith, Stan Jones, has put together an excellent collection of essays that deal with the topic from not only different perspectives, but about the different subdisciplines within psychology.

Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way Probing the Boundaries of Faith and Reason Dr.

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