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Raw power

If you're in to Military, damsel in distress stories, I'm pretty sure that you'll enjoy this one. It might not be the "best" Military book you'll read, but it's still entertaining. Although I was completely pulled in by Jack's character, I found Callie's character to be extremely annoying.

I could understand Jack's attitude and macho demeanor, but the stubborn, careless and down right defiant demeanor of Callie kept pull 3 Stars - 3 Flames Ex-Military theme? I could understand Jack's attitude and macho demeanor, but the stubborn, careless and down right defiant demeanor of Callie kept Raw power me from the story so much that it was hard to enjoy it.

Was the underlining meaning of the story good?

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But getting there was sometimes difficult to read through. Especially when the stories were told over and over again. So let's move on. Let's talk about the series title for a second. Because now that this story has been read, I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

However, the description intrigued me enough to forge ahead. Jack King is scarred down the entire left side of his body from a grenade attack which earned him a medical discharge from the marines.

It took 2 years to recover and spending the last 6 months unsuccessfully looking for employment has left him floundering. He runs her off but she leaves her card. Two weeks later, still unemployed, he seeks her out.

The 11th hour special operations unit is staffed with ex-military men and women. They specialize in last resort efforts. Isiah, Kellan, Sabrina and Faith appear to be familiar with each other.

The group is funded by the mysterious Mr.

Raw power

We are told he is very powerful, rich and well connected. No one on the team has ever met him. I find it hard to believe that ex-military personnel of this supposed caliber would go to work for anyone in this type of setting without thoroughly vetting them first.

Jack tracks Callie Hawthorne down at a nightclub. Their eyes connect across the room and boom, instant connection. Until they discover who the other is.

Raw power

Callie starts off acting like a petulant, childish, pain in the rear. We soon discover the reason for the attitude and behaviors.

She is twenty two but acted more like a teenager in the beginning. The story is told in dual POV. LOTS of talking in their heads. It was necessary to get a real feel for where they were both coming from. However, I also wanted more conversations between them.

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These two tortured beings had horrific childhoods with added baggage from their adult lives. They both tugged at my emotions and I was totally rooting for them to succeed.The ability to resist and defy through sheer power alone. Sub-power of Ultipotence.

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There is a reason behind every problem. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Taking their name from the seminal Stooges album, Raw Power is an Italian hardcore punk unit in the vein of upstart American pit producers like Gang Green, D.I., and JFA.

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