Rebus writing alphabet

Character symbol and Logogram "No dogs allowed" sign in Spain.

Rebus writing alphabet

Definition of writing[ change change source ] There are two schools of thought: Writing is any system of graphic symbols which conveys some thought. Writing is any graphic system which can convey any and all thought. With many early systems we do not know what they do convey.

The central idea is that a full writing system must be able to represent anything that might be said in spoken language. In the case of some ancient scripts we cannot do this. History of writing[ change change source ] Writing was invented independently a number of times.

The Sumerianthe Ancient Egyptianthe Chinese and the Mayan writings are separate in their invention. Then they developed a mixture of methods. Our own alphabetic system is different. It is based on the sounds of spoken language.

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All alphabets are modified versions of the first one, which originated with the Phoenicians and the Ancient Greeks. The Sumerians developed a form of writing called cuneiform. After the clay had dried in the sun the tablets were baked.

Then they were carried somewhere else for others to read.

rebus writing alphabet

We know that its first uses were for tradeaccounting and administration. The earliest signs were mostly pictorialbut soon they stood as symbols for objects, ideas and sounds.

This writing system was extremely successful, and outlasted the Sumerian empire. The last cuneiform inscription was dated as AD Thus the system had lasted for more than years.

Documents including stone objects written in more than one language provided the clues. Ancient Egypt[ change change source ] Hieroglyphs on stone; Ramses II statue behind This is the most famous of the old forms of writing, or scripts. It was invented at roughly the same time as cuneiform, yet was quite different in style, and used different materials.

Egyptians ended up with three writing systems for the same language. The writing tools used varied according to the material which was written on. The two cursive scripts were written with reed pens and carbon inks onto papyrus. If the material was cloththen the writing was done by a brush.

Many survive, some with the original colours intact. The key event in the decipherment of hieroglyphic writing was the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. This is a granite slab with the same message written in hieroglyphic, demotic and in Greek. Ancient Greek is well understood, and made possible the interpretation of the other two scripts.

Chinese is the language with the largest number of native speakers. Its history dates back to about BC. These are Chinese characters. The black are in traditional Chineseand the red are in simplified Chinese. Chinese has a huge number of characters: In the 14th century, Wang Tzhen, had sixty thousand wood block characters cut, a huge investment in time and money.

He printed copies of a local gazette, and was author of a treatise on agriculture and other technical works. Even with printing machines from Europe in the 19th century, the process was hampered by the huge number of characters, which slowed the composition to a snail's pace.

Fluency in Chinese reading and writing is undoubtedly difficult to achieve, and this must act as a brake on the drive for literacy. There have been a number of attempts to reform or simplify the system. The most radical in Pinyinwhich is a program to replace Chinese characters with an alphabetic system.

This was supported by Maobut faltered after his death.A graphic representation of the sounds of a using one symbol to represent a sound, the number of symbols within a writing system is reduced from the number of letters in an alphabet.

Greek alphabet. Latin alphabet. Pictograms. first appear c. BCE in temple of Eanna in Uruk. as objects. a step toward a true writing system.

Logograms. pictograms and ideograms begin to represent words. Phoneticization (rebus writing) logograms used to represent the sounds of words. symbol for 'arrow' (Sumerian 'ti') also came to mean. A rebus uses pictures or symbols to represent words or parts of words.

rebus writing alphabet

Think of them as emoji for preschoolers! Some rebus are brainteasers (such as the puzzles at, but today’s pick of rebus story sites are for emergent readers, where the pictures are either substituted for certain words, or simply added along with the words.

Alphabet Chants are fun and amusing one-page alliterative rhymes for each letter of the alphabet that help children with letter naming, listening for letter sounds, and overall with learning the . Writing is the act of recording language on a visual medium using a set of symbols.

The symbols must be known to others, so that the text may be read. A text may also use other visual systems, such as illustrations and decorations.

A graphic representation of the sounds of a using one symbol to represent a sound, the number of symbols within a writing system is reduced from the number of letters in an alphabet.

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