Research paper on christian ethics

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Research paper on christian ethics

Example Research Paper on Christian Ethics: One of the aspects of Christian Ethics that is often made a subject to arguments and disputes is the Doctrine of Double Effect.

Even its name, to begin with, looks quite confusing. Is the Doctrine of Double Effect another mean of justification the inconsistency of religious world view or a useful tool in deciding on the questions of ethics?

Christian ethics research paper

This paper will discuss the peculiarities of the Doctrine of Double Effect and will attempt to investigate the answers to these questions. The society has always tried to automate its functioning — since the very beginning of the civilization, the society created neuro-social programs in form of sets of moral rules, ethical principles, and religious guidelines.

This installation is put into the mind of people for good and bad needs.

The actions of people are often made a subject to evaluation and judgments according to the content of the programs. The Doctrine of Double Effect, according to the encyclopedic definition, is a thesis in Christian ethics, which is often attributed to Aquinas.

Research paper on christian ethics

Despite the fact that various authors present the doctrine in different ways, the Doctrine of Double Effect generally puts forward the idea that there is a moral difference between the two models of action provided below: A person intentionally causes harm in order to promote some good. A person promotes some good in such a way that harm is caused as a foreseen side-effect.

The defendants of the Doctrine of Double Effect argue that the first model of action is, from the moral perspective, worse than the second, given all other conditions equal. Thus, the Doctrine of Double Effect claims that in some cases it is morally permissible to bring about as a foreseen but unintended consequence a bad effect that it would be morally wrong to bring about as a strictly intended consequence.

The Doctrine of Double Effect has numerous practical applications. Its implementation is found, for example, in fair war theory, where the deliberate targeting of civilians to demoralize the enemy are considered immoral, but the bombing of military plants may be accepted, even if both cases result in the same number of deaths, end the war in the same time length, etc.

The Doctrine of Double Effect is also applied to specific medical cases, i. Of course, such situations cause much confusion and argument. The main argument against the Doctrine of Double Effect is that in some cases it can be used to serve as a justification of crime or unethical action.

This is followed by another argument which claims that if one takes into consideration only means but not the results of the action, this creates a situation with much confusion and opportunity for speculation.

This is based on the fact that means, reasons, and motives are not absolute, but relative. Purposes and intentions are too relative and easy to speculate on to be taken as a normative for making decisions on wrongness or rightness of a particular action. A striking example can be found in the history of Christian church itself — the Holy Inquisition.

There is even more criticism of the Doctrine on the ground that it is not clear how one should differentiate between intended and unintended consequences. The situation becomes critical if several results are intended, which happens quite often.


Another attack of critics is aimed at the fact that usually the results of applying the Doctrine of Double Effect depend too much on how the case is described and interpreted. Given the proposition that both of the two can be also speculated, the situation with the Doctrine of Double Effect becomes even more controversial.

Philippa Foot describes the case of Cave Explorers in which several cave explorers are trapped in a cave, where the flood waters are rising. As the first member of the party tried to escape through the tunnel, he got hopelessly stuck in the middle. The explorers had to use a stick of dynamite to blast the man out of the cave in order to allow others to escape.Christian Ethics This Research Paper Christian Ethics and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 5, • Research Paper • 2, Words (12 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

Research Paper on Christian Ethics: One of the aspects of Christian Ethics that is often made a subject to arguments and disputes is the Doctrine of Double Effect.

Even its name, to . Nov 25,  · Christian ethics research paper.

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Christian Ethics Name Institution A Christian methodology is the manner of study, which outlines how believers should make moral decisions. There are different emerging Christian issues, which need to be addressed in a systematic manner to find lasting solutions.

Ethical Research Paper If we believe that everyone is created in the womb by God and he know everyone before they are born then I believe God has the power also to help a woman to have the heart needed to make a choice that is pleasing to Him. Code of Ethics Comparison Abstract This paper is a comparison between the codes of ethics of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

This paper aims to present the similarities and differences between the two codes of ethics.

Research paper on christian ethics
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