Should tobacco companies be to blame

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Should tobacco companies be to blame

Hire Writer History The history of tobacco smoking can be traced back to BC immediately after the agricultural product began to be grown in South America Steinmetz, 3.

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It was like a new substance drug and as time passed on, different and more advanced products of tobacco began to be produced.

At the same time, many other ways of consuming tobacco were devised apart from just smoking it. In many ancient religious societies like the Babylonians, Indians and even the Chinese used to burn tobacco incense as one of their religious rituals.

Should tobacco companies be to blame

This was also later adopted by the Israelites and other orthodox and catholic denominations. The history of tobacco smoking in America can be traced to have begun from the burning of incense in the religious rituals and later adopted to smoking for pleasure and also as a tool in sociology Steinmetz, 6.

In the eastern part of North America, most individuals used to carry bulk amounts of tobacco in their traveling bags as an item for trade.

Tobacco attracted significant sales and brought good returns to the sellers.

Should tobacco companies be to blame

Further still, tobacco could be smoked in pipes in ceremonies that were regarded as sacred Steinmetz, 8. Tobacco smoking and the use of other various hallucinogenic drugs were believed to achieve dreams and make one be in contact with the world of spirits.

Many believed that tobacco was a gift from the creator and smoking tobacco could carry ones thoughts and even prayers to heaven.

Tobacco in the historical times could also be used as medicine. As a pain killer, it could relieve on from pain such as toothache or earache. On the other hand, Indians used tobacco in treating cold symptoms more so when mixed with leaves of desert sage.

Apart from treating cold symptoms, tobacco was popularly known to cure asthma and tuberculosis. This usage was later proved by scientific means as tobacco enhanced the opening of the airways when used in low doses Cunningham, 5. John Rolfe was the first settler in the American land to grow tobacco as a cash crop Borio.

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With his successful introduction, tobacco gained popularity and its demand significantly increased. In all the tobacco farms, indentured servitude was the primary source of labor and this led to the expansion of tobacco production in the west.

With the colonization era, slaves used to offer labor in the tobacco farms. With time it was realized that slaves did not bring in the profits as was expected.

However, inwith the invention of the cotton gin, tobacco production increased again Steinmetz, Jean Nicot, a Frenchman whose second name is named nicotine, the active and addictive chemical compound in tobacco helped to introduce tobacco farming in France Steinmetz, This happened in and later spread to England.

Tobacco with other intoxicants like opium, tea and even coffee, were widely used as medicine Steinmetz, Tobacco production and farming spread to various parts of the world, Africa included. This was also enhanced by the Trans Saharan trade caravans that helped in spreading the fame of Tobacco.

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Tobacco therefore became so popular impacting the society in diverse ways.A look at global health issues. Millions die each year from easily preventable diseases. Global factors such as poverty, access to health care, patent issues at the world trade organization (WTO) and the power of pharmaceutical companies are major problems.

Global health initiatives to fight AIDS/HIV, malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and other global diseases have showed some encouraging signs, as. Meet the Sacklers: the family feuding over blame for the opioid crisis Temple of Dendur Egyptian art at the Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

the biggest hole is the tobacco companies selling tobacco, then the second hole is the people who smoke, third is the people who continue to become chronic smokers, 4 th is the medical hospitals who care for the patients with those chronic effects of tobacco.


The truth about the tobacco industry That nicotine is the most important active ingredient in tobacco; that the tobacco companies are in the drug business; the drug is nicotine and that the cigarette is a drug delivery device.

The industry maintains it is a simple consumer goods industry. Whether it's tobacco execs claiming nicotine isn't addictive, libertarians claiming statistics are meaningless, some anti-smoking ads focusing all their energy on the corporate villainy of the tobacco companies (instead of providing health information), or some smokers claiming that they have no choice in the matter, strange empirical claims.

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