Steve jobs leadership at apple

Both great leaders, but who managed Apple better?

Steve jobs leadership at apple

In when apple was hit hard, he still believed in the future of apple product line like ipod, itune and macintosh, certainly because he was very much involved in minute details of the products, balancing micromanagement and vision.

He can be attributed to Concepts of personal computers, graphical interface and ease of use. Revolutionary consumer products like iPod and iPhone, carefully mating the technology with aesthetics.

Concept of company owned apple stores and music sale sites and digital hub strategy. CEO that chooses to wear jeans and t-shirt instead of corporate attire subtly eliminates the perception of being at higher level than the audience.

He once advised Bob Iger, CEO Disney to build the stores close enough so that he can visit often, massage it and learn from it.

Steve jobs leadership at apple

His closeness with customers enhances his judgment about what the customers may like or dislike. He delivers his key notes that are very well written and rehearsed; his speech articulates the necessary underline message adequately.

His personal value to Apple is so immense that financial markets bet on whether he will personally launch the new product or not. He is known to be secretive and does not give too many interviews or public appearances; this strategy though adds to an element of surprise and curiosity but also provides him the necessary credibility.

People know from his past that he delivers on his promise and does not create a false smoke screen of distraction and deception.

Leadership Skills Conceptual skills: Jobs is without a doubt gifted in conceptual skills, while usual CEOs are focused on the product, its functionality, cost and market, he gave equal focus on the visual and aesthetic appearance of the products, something that differentiates apple products with the rest.Steve Jobs was the fiery visionary, with an intense and often combative management style, and Steve Wozniak was the quiet genius who made the vision work.

Apple's board wasn't too fond of such a. And Apple employees love Steve Jobs because they are inspired by their own and the company’s amazing achievements.

And that is why Apple will soon be the most valuable company in the world. There is much to be learned from taking a contrary view of Steve Jobs and studying his actions as the leader of a company in an industry still undergoing. His management style might not have followed university textbooks, but few can argue that Steve Jobs' unconventional leadership (combined with his sheer genius and innate ability to articulate his vision) didn’t attribute to Apple’s worldwide success.

Journal of Leadership Education Spring 53 Steve Jobs, former CEO, Chairman, and co-founder of Apple, Inc., passed away on October 5, , after a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer.

Steve jobs leadership at apple

Steve Jobs was an unconventional leader. His management style wasn't the stuff of university textbooks - he wasn't known for his consultative or consensus building approach. He was a "high-maintenance co-worker" who demanded excellence from his staff and was known for his blunt delivery of criticism.

Steve Jobs’ leadership and innovation has helped make Apple one of the world’s leading companies. The success of the company would not have come without his leadership.

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