What are key concepts in writing a thesis statement

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What are key concepts in writing a thesis statement

Resources for Teaching Key Concepts Activity System According to David Russell, activity systems are cooperative interactions aimed at achieving a goal.

As a lens, the activity system helps us to analyze the psychological and social processes of achieving that goal. Each system has a goal swhich is achieved through the work of people and the tools they use. There are five key things that you should know about activity systems: They are historically developed, meaning that they developed over time and interactively with the culture in which they operate.

They are inherently social--that is, they are changing systems of interaction between people, their environments, and their culture. They are dialogic, meaning that they are in constant conversation with their objectives and how best to achieve them.

They are collective, rather than individual. Activity systems are not the product of one, but of many. They are always changing and adapting to meet the needs of participants within the system.

Understanding activity systems is key to understanding how a given genre works, as genre is the tool or tools, as an activity system may require more than one genre that the participant s use to achieve the objective. To take a genre out of its activity system is to remove its reason for being.

Understanding activity systems also allows us to see the complex ways that they interact with people and communities. Each game is its own activity system, with its own objective, and each game has its own ball as its tool. Even similar games, with similar objectives, might have different balls think of baseballs and softballs.

Each ball is specifically designed for working with the players to achieve the objective of the game. Angela does a great job showing how different participants and tools interact to achieve the goals of a simple activity system: Antecedent Knowledge Antecedent Knowledge is a term we use to describe all the things a writer already knows that can come into play when a writer takes up any kind of writing.

For example, if you are asked to write a timed essay, and you've written them before, you'd certainly use that antecedent knowledge to help you write the essay. That's just common sense. But Antecedent Knowledge can also be tricky because we're not always fully aware of all the knowledge we are using when we write, and sometimes we use knowledge and experience that are actually NOT useful in a situation.

As another example, if you are asked to write a paper, and the instructor says, "I don't want a 5-paragraph essay!

It's weird, for sure, but it happens all the time! In our program, we refer to Antecedent Knowledge and Antecedent Genres a 5-paragraph essay would be an antecedent genre for folks who have lots of experience writing them because we think it's really important for folks to be as aware as possible of the different kinds of knowledge they are using, both so that they can know when it would be helpful and so they can know when it would actually hurt their writing in a specific situation.

what are key concepts in writing a thesis statement

In our program, we use CHAT to help us think about and study the complex genres that we encounter in the world. In traditional rhetorical models, one might describe the author, the audience and perhaps some of the features of the genre. CHAT allows us to focus on any aspect of the myriad elements of textual production, so it is more robust than these other methods for investigating texts.

The key terms in CHAT are: Production deals with the means through which a text is produced. This includes both tools say, using a computer to produce a text vs.

Production also considers the genres and structures that can contribute to and even pre-shape our ability to produce text think of filling out a job application form the form directly controls the kind of information we can produce, and consequently, the kind of image of ourselves we can project to potential employers.

If we got to make a video instead of filling out the paper form, we could create a very different self-representation. The term representation highlights issues related to the way that the people who produce a text conceptualize and plan it how they think about it, how they talk about itas well as all the activities and materials that help to shape how people do this.

Distribution involves the consideration of where texts go and who might take them up. It also considers the tools and methods that can be used to distribute text, and how distribution can sometimes move beyond the original purposes intended by the author s. Reception deals with how a text is taken up and used by others.

Reception is not just who will read a text, but takes into account the ways people might use or re-purpose a text sometimes in ways the author may not have anticipated or intended. Socialization describes the interactions of people and institutions as they produce, distribute and use texts.

When people engage with texts, they are also consciously and unconsciously engaged in the practice of representing and transforming different kinds of social and cultural practices. Activity is a term that encompasses the actual practices that people engage in as they create text writing, drawing, walking across the hall to ask someone else what they think, getting peer review, etc.

Ecology points to what we usually think of as a mere backdrop for our purposeful activities in creating texts: However, these environmental factors can become very active in some situations in shaping or interacting with our textual productions think of putting on a play outdoors when it's raining, or think of the people of New Orleans using the internet to find family members after Hurricane Katrina.

Citation Many of us learn about the term Citation in high school. From this Antecedent Knowledge, we tend to think of citation as oh yeah, that MLA thing my high school English teacher made me learn.Key Concepts Of Writing A Thesis Statement - and how to write freuds dream theory essay in Key concepts of writing a thesis statement pay to do homework for me.

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Measured with respect to the wal the spring to measure a product which can lead to feasible alternative courses of thesis with help writing statement action. Repetition of key terms/concepts/phrases Repeating key terms/concepts/phrases will help readers follow the main threads of the paper.

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The key terms/concepts/phrases strengthen the organization and make the paper easier to follow, no matter how complex the material. Writing a research proposal Introduction This tutorial is designed for graduate students who are required to submit a research proposal as a condition of their candidature or who wish to write one for their own purposes.

A thesis statement nbsp; News: Two Steps to a Working Thesis Statement – GMU Writing Center Thesis statements dictate the logical sequence of your paper. All arguments contain two key parts: For example, take the sentence. A lot of best resume writing service important dates statement three point thesis example.

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